One-on-One Appointments
For coaching, training, and guidance in lucid dreaming

Kristen has years of experience training a variety of groups and individuals to lucid dream.

Dreaming and Awakening retreat, Lucidity Institute, 2018

Personalized Lucid Dreamwork

Overcome even your most challenging roadblocks to lucidity

Everyone dreams differently. 


You have unique biological, personal, and circumstantial factors that'll influence your ability to lucid dream.


Connecting with me one-on-one can give you the tailored attention needed to progress on your path.


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  • For new clients | Single 50 min appointment

  • For new clients | Single 25 min appointment


Note.  Have a package already?  Then book your session as a 'Follow Up' under the Alumni Packages section below, or contact Kristen to arrange a time.

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