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Lucid Dreaming:

Science-Backed Techniques for Unveiling Your Inner Mythos

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Have you ever wondered if you can use lucid dreaming to help you with depression, trauma, or your mental health?


Can lucid dreaming be used to induce insights about life and emotional healing?

Is lucid dreaming helpful for insomnia? And can improving your sleep help you lucid dream better?

How do you have lucid dreams?

Lucid dreams can open up new and extraordinary pathways for healing, creativity, and self-development.  


Learn more in this free 30 minute talk with Dr. Kristen LaMarca, a lucid dreaming researcher, therapist, and expert.


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This interview was part of the 2018 Dreamwork Summit, a free online event featuring some of the top experts, educators, and practitioners in the field. For more information, visit This recording is copyright of the Shift Network. All rights reserved. 

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