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Presented by Kristen LaMarca PhD


Lucid Dreaming Therapy:

An Introduction to Skills-Training for Mental Health Professionals

An APA-approved Continuing Education (CE) Online Seminar

Instructor: Kristen LaMarca, PhD

Format: Audio, Video, and Forum

Copyright: 2018

Product Code: LDTCE1801

Media Type: Online Seminar

Dates: Ongoing

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This 4-part video seminar presents an introduction to the art and science of Lucid Dreaming Therapy by clinical psychologist, Kristen LaMarca, PhD.  As an innovative therapeutic tool, lucid dreaming holds remarkable potential to help clinicians address many complex challenges encountered in psychotherapy. 

Contrary to ordinary dreaming, it is explicitly known when lucid that the present state of consciousness is a dream. Fully knowing one is dreaming, a greater sense of safety and psychological flexibility can be cultivated to produce interactions with unconscious conflicts represented in dream content that promote health and well-being. Since lucid dreaming is a natural capacity that can be strengthened through training, psychotherapists can further client growth by integrating lucid dreaming into evidence-based treatments for nightmares and a broad spectrum of mental health conditions.

Well-versed in the latest scientific literature on lucid dreaming, Dr. LaMarca will provide an overview of lucid dreaming, its applications, and how to address common obstacles faced by professionals in providing Lucid Dream Therapy.  Theoretical and research support of lucid dreaming as a psychotherapeutic agent and the most effective induction methods known will be reviewed. Case examples and didactics will guide attendees in how to train clients in lucid dreaming while facilitating therapeutic processing and integration of lucid dream experiences.  Practical issues such as patient selection, assigning home skills practice, and population-specific considerations will be incorporated into the material.

As part of this home study course, a discussion forum will be available to ask questions of Dr. LaMarca and interact other professionals interested in Lucid Dream Therapy. 


This seminar was specially created for mental health professionals who are using or are interested in lucid dreaming as a form of treatment, including but not limited to psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychology students, nurses, and more (Target audience: Intermediate).


Other persons, including researchers, educators, and dreamworkers, in addition to personal practitioners of lucid dreaming may also find this presentation informative, but should not attempt to implement Lucid Dreaming Therapy without possessing the credentials to provide clinical mental health treatment.



  1. Summarize the theoretical and research support underlying lucid dreaming and its clinical applications.

  2. Describe the mental set and psychophysiological conditions that are necessary for deliberately inducing lucid dreaming.

  3. Develop strategies for integrating research-supported induction techniques and other lucid dreaming skills into traditional evidence-based treatments for various clinical populations.

  4. Describe the advantages of adding a lucid dreaming component to standard Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for nightmares.



You will receive 4.5 contact hours that are approved by the American Psychological Association (APA).  You must pass a brief post-test to obtain your certificate through the program's co-sponsor, R. Cassidy Seminars, P.O. Box 14473, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.  Visit R. Cassidy Seminars to ensure this course meets requirements for your state licensing board prior to registering.


(Above) Dr. LaMarca presenting a live clinical workshop on Lucid Dreaming Therapy at the annual meeting of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, June 18, 2018.

Kristen LaMarca PhD is a clinical psychologist with expertise in applied psychophysiology and behavioral treatments for sleep disorders, notably insomnia and nightmares.  She currently practices at Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry, a sleep medicine group in Southern California.


As a teacher, researcher, and practitioner of lucid dreaming for over 10 years, she specializes in Lucid Dream Therapy for a broad range of emotional and behavioral issues. Since 2010, she has been a  co-facilitator for the Lucidity Institute's intensive training programs on lucid dreaming.  She has published research on the lucidigenic effects of cholinergic stimulation, and an integrated protocol for maximizing the efficacy of lucid dream induction techniques.  Committed to improving accessibility to the lucid dream state clinically and scientifically, she regularly provides APA-approved continuing education trainings to professionals in psychology and presents at various universities and healthcare organizations. 


Visit Dr. LaMarca's biography at Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry for more information on her professional training and background.  


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Lucid Dreaming Therapy:

An Introduction to Skills Training for Mental Health Professionals 


Online Seminar

Dates: Ongoing

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