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One-on-one Appointments
Coaching, training, or guidance in lucid dreaming


1. You must first complete a new client application to participate. Once your application is approved, you may schedule below.

2. You agree that coaching and training in lucid dreaming is a form of education, and is not a form of professional advice, or medical or psychological treatment. 

3. You are not currently struggling with a mental illness, and you are not seeking coaching and/or training in lucid dreaming to help you with a mental health problem.

4. After booking, you will need to register your account with the Learning Management System. A link will be provided to you upon booking your appointment below.


By booking an appointment, you accept that:

*24 business hours is required to reschedule your appointment without forfeiting your session fee.

*All bookings are non-refundable.

*In the rare event that an unavoidable emergency comes up for the instructor, and your session is cancelled, your fee will be credited to a future session.

*By default, coaching sessions take place over Zoom unless the need to use phone (USA residents only) is communicated prior to the session. 

*Keep a phone where you can be reached nearby during online appointments in case there are connection or technical difficulties. Test your audio/video prior to the appointment to ensure a quality connection.

*Participate in your session in a quiet environment, use a microphone headset, and ensure a strong internet connection. 

Connecting with me one-on-one can help you harness your inner gifts and overcome barriers that limit lucidity in your life and dreams.   My job is to help you optimize lucidity induction, ignite your passions, and fulfill your potential in your chosen path.



Initial Session (50 min) - $200

Full Session (50 min) - $200

Half Session (25 min) - $100

You may book your initial appointment below. After that, you will book from within the Learning Management System (LMS). For ease of scheduling, your credit card will be securely stored in an encrypted vault, and you will be charged after you book appointments.

If you need an appointment time that is not available in the scheduler, contact me to arrange a different time.

Visit the Coaching and Training Portals page for important links to navigate this program.  

For training options at lower rates, consider taking my online workshop in Mindful Lucid Dreaming, and joining the Alumni Program.

~ Kristen