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Continuing Education


Dates: Ongoing

An Introduction to skills training for mental health professionals and researchers.  Earn 4.5 CE for licensure.  

Lucid Dreaming Therapy



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Jan 11-Feb 21, 2020

Awaken your innate ability to lucid dream with 6 weeks of science-backed induction training, led by Kristen LaMarca PhD.  

Mindful Lucid Dreaming




Galantamind™ (Life Enhancement Products): 8 mg capsules of galantamine

Research shows that galantamine stimulates lucid dreaming when combined with MILD training and Sleep Interruption.  This brand was used in our research as it was thought to be a reliable, reputable source. It additionally contains choline and vitamin B6, but preliminary tests have not shown this adds to the effect on inducing lucidity. 

Lucidity Institute may earn from purchasing through this link through the Amazon Associate program. To support ongoing research and teaching endeavors in lucid dreaming, you may also make a direct donation.

Galantamine (Relentless Improvement): 4 mg tablets of galantamine

This brand has been used in Lucidity Institute training programs and contains galantamine only.


If you are sensitive to supplement medications or side effects, an advantage of the tablet form could be that it allows you to cut the tablet in half. Although induction research has not been done on doses lower than 4 mg, galantamine is known to have a dose-related response and could potentially enhance your lucidity and recall when combined with the proper mental set for inducing lucid dreams.





DISCLAIMER:  Supplements like Galantamind have health risks that include side effects and drug interactions, and should not be consumed by certain populations.  Never start any dietary supplements without consulting with your medical doctor first.


As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases.


top books on lucid dreaming

As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases.

Learn to Lucid Dream: Powerful Techniques for Awakening Creativity and Consciousness (2019)

by Kristen LaMarca PhD

A modern and approachable—yet methodical introduction to lucid dreaming. This book has the most precise, efficient, and easy-to-remember tools for accessing the lucid state. Details here.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (1990)

by Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold​

The classic, how-to guide to the extraordinary state of lucid dreaming.  Includes step-by-step exercises and invaluable practical guidance from lucid dreaming expert and pioneer, Stephen LaBerge.  Details here.


As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases.

Write-In-The-Dark Pen

Writing down your dreams is a cinch with this convenient light-up pen. 


Illuminate your dream journal without reaching for the lamp, disturbing your bed partner, or subjecting yourself to bright lights.

Red is recommended. 

SleepPhones for Bedtime Meditation

Soft, flat headphones wearable while you sleep with good quality, bluetooth speakers.  Designed to help you fall asleep to your favorite relaxation or meditation tapes without the discomfort of earbuds.

A useful tool for people who train in lucid dreaming, struggle with insomnia, or have a bed partner who snores.  Details here.

Auxillary jack headphones are available for less herePurchase direct and enter promo code DRLAMARCA (non-affiliate link) to save $5.