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Offerings for alumni of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming™ online workshop.


Your Level of


Continued training plans from a minimal to maximal level of engagement






for students of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming program.

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Course Library

10-month plan

$5 / mo 

Billed annually.


Guided Exercises

Mindfulness Meditation

Extend your access to the Course Library of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming program until the end of the year.  


Internet connection required.  Allow 1-2 business days to activate membership if you are enrolling after March 1st.



live GROUP




8-month plan

(April 1 - December 31, 2020)

$30 / mo 

and up

Billed monthly or annually.  Cancel anytime. 

Allow 1-2 business days for activation if you join after May 1st.


Meet with Kristen online for personalized, lucid dreamwork.  

self-organizing pods

Choose a discussion topic and time, and host your own Zoom meeting with a pod of other alumni.  

group "stream" of consciousness

Share dreams from your digital journal in the community timeline.

Receive feedback and stay motivated in your practice.

Participate in group activities to explore lucidity and the nature of consciousness.

Digital Dream journal

dream recall & type metrics

worksheets & dream logs

customizable prompts

Your all-in-one system for recording, sharing, and nurturing your dreams.

To sign up, complete the interest form by 3/18/2020. Kristen will provide you sign-up instructions afterwards.



Appointments with Kristen


and up


Alumni receive discounted rates for:

Half Session (25 minutes)

Full Session (50 minutes)

4 Half Session Package (25 minutes each)

2 Full Session Package (50 minutes each)


Program Information

How is the program presented?

FREE WEBINAR REPLAYS Watch the webinar replays by finding your class in the archive, and following the instructions. --- BASIC PLAN All audio and video lectures, teaching notes, guided exercises and meditations of the Course Library will be accessible through your site membership with MindfulLucidDreaming.com until the end of the year. --- PREMIUM PLAN Live Online Meetings Live online meetings with Kristen will be hosted at least every other month on Zoom. Exact dates and times are to be determined, and the group will be surveyed for times that will work best. Additional meetings led by Kristen may be scheduled. This is an opportunity to receive close, individualized attention in a format that allows you to improve your lucidity skills from your own home. Groups are small and private to encourage greater depth in your learning. Self-Organizing Pods: Self-organizing pods allow group members to take a proactive, collaborative approach to this program and further support each other's practice. Pods will meet online using Zoom, and be given a flexible structure to follow for their discussion. To create a pod, suggest a topic, date, and time. Then request a pod host schedule it and invite fellow alumni. Anyone can suggest a topic and meeting time, but pod hosts would ideally have good technical, organizational, and planning skills so they can properly host the meeting. Course Library, LMS, and Alumni Community The Course Library, LMS, and Alumni Group Stream will also be available to support your practice for the rest of the year. Sharing dream reports and experiences through the LMS will also give Kristen invaluable information about your practice, obstacles, and areas for further exploration that may be integrated into your live online meetings with her. --- ONE-ON-ONE APPOINTMENTS Individual coaching in lucid dreaming is available with Kristen for more privacy and personal attention. Alumni can request appointments here at a discounted rate. * Note. Coaching sessions are meant to give you education and guidance in lucid dreaming practices, but are not a form of professional advice, or medical or psychological treatment.

Who is this program for?

You must be an alumni of one of the 6-week online workshops in Mindful Lucid Dreaming to participate. This program is designed to stabilize, refine, and expand your practice of lucid dreaming. There are several options to participate from a lower to higher level of engagement.

Do I need to be online at specific times?

Not unless you have a Premium Plan. In the Premium plan, Zoom meetings with your pod host are optional and will occur at variable times. Your 2 hour group meetings with Kristen will occur every other month (April, June, August, October). Exact dates and times are to be determined after surveying the group. Participation in the Alumni Group Stream, or completing journal entries or worksheets can occur at any time that fits in your schedule. Attendees may elect to record meetings to be viewed later by those who did not attend. However, this is not a guarantee.

Can international residents participate?

International residents may participate in this program. For the Premium Plan, the times and dates of online meetings with Kristen will be determined through a group survey, and take place at Pacific Standard Time (PST). We will try our best to accommodate everyone in the group.

How much personalized feedback will I receive if I have a Premium Plan?

Instructor feedback will mainly be focused on your live interactions--whether in a group or individual format. The 2 hour online meetings with Kristen will have less structure and allow ample time for open discussion and exploration. Kristen will also be available to review your contributions to the Alumni Group Stream integrate, and provide feedback. Thus, engaging in the LMS will be a fruitful way for Kristen to continue to get to know you and your needs. Another benefit of the Premium Plan is that Kristen is known to share more about her personal experiences with lucid dreaming, which can enhance your own learning.

Can the alumni program help me with my struggles with mental health?

While lucid dreaming has applications to mental health, this program is not appropriate for individuals seeking to use lucid dreaming to heal from current psychological disorders or conditions. Coaching sessions are meant to give you education and guidance in lucid dreaming practices, but are not a form of professional advice, or medical or psychological treatment. Though "shadow" work may be a part of a lucidity practice, discussion of mental health problems is not appropriate for the alumni program. If you are noticing mental health struggles arise during the program, please discuss this with Kristen to determine whether or not it would be appropriate for you to continue your participation.

What does it mean that the program is in "beta?"

Kristen has been teaching lucid dreaming for years in a variety of contexts and program formats. The Mindful Lucid Dreaming™ online workshop and subsequent Alumni Program were first implemented in 2019 to extend an intensive skills-training program to enliven your dream-life from your very own home. Your participation will be assisting in the testing of the current software, systems, and program structures. This is a unique opportunity to obtain expert-level feedback on your practice while contributing to program development for a lesser investment.

Does your program involve taking supplements like galantamine?

​Research shows that galantamine substantially stimulates lucid dreaming when combined with an integrated induction protocol that includes MILD training and sleep interruption. However, galantamine is not appropriate for everyone and is not a requirement for increasing your ability to lucid dream. Course material does provide a general overview of the research and a protocol for using galantamine correctly. However, this information is for educational purposes, and NOT a recommendation to consume galantamine. For questions on where to buy galantamine, Life Enhancement's "Galantamind" is recommended as a reliable, reputable source. Purchasing through this link will provide a small commission at no extra cost to you to the Lucidity Institute to support ongoing research on lucid dreaming. You may also consider purchasing direct from the manufacturer, however, a direct donation to Lucidity Institute for making this research possible in the first place is sugggested. (Note. If you are new to taking galantamine, you may like to consider purchasing the 4 mg capsules instead of 8 mg.) You may also consider asking your primary doctor for a prescription. It can help to show your doctor the ​research on galantamine and share that lucid dreaming has creative and therapeutic, off-label benefits to enhance well-being and healing. Keep in mind that a prescription for galantamine will become part of your health records, and if you use insurance, your insurance records. It may be better to pay out-of-pocket for a prescription of galantamine than use your health insurance. DISCLAIMER: Supplements like Galantamind have health risks that include side effects and drug interactions, and should not be consumed by certain populations. Never start any dietary supplements without consulting with your medical doctor first.

Am I guaranteed to have lucid dreams in this program?

Results are not guaranteed by this program and will vary from person to person. As this is a beta program, adequate data has not been collected on how well it helps people induce lucid dreaming. With that said, shorter-term, intensive programs using similar techniques in groups who have high dream recall, interest, and motivation to lucid dream show success rates of about 75%. Individual factors will likely play a role in your success at lucid dreaming during this training. If you have concerns whether this program is right for you, contact Kristen to discuss.

Why does the alumni program end?

The Mindful Lucid Dreaming workshop and alumni program are currently in beta testing, and may be revised based on user feedback and other factors. There will be an interim in the alumni program in January and February because this is when Kristen will be running another 6-week online workshop that is open to new and alumni students. Alumni are invited to participate in the workshop at a discounted rate. Repeating intensive courses may assist in learning new things that you were unable to master the first time you took the course, connecting you with new people, and further strengthening your lucid dreaming practice and personal work with Kristen. After the 6-week workshop in January/February, the alumni program will resume and be open to all alumni who have completed the 6-week workshop previously. Dates that the Premium Plan for the current year will be available are April 1 - October 31, 2020.

Can I keep access to my digital dream journal and the LMS?

If you'd like to continue to using the LMS for dream journaling, worksheets, metrics, and whiteboard features, you can! There is a per-client cost to Kristen if you use this system, so contact her to discuss an arrangement.


Are student discounts available?

Students are eligible for a 20% discount. Just send a copy of your current class schedule or ID card. Contact Kristen to arrange payment using this discount prior to registering.

Do you accept bartering?

Depends. If you have a skill that you'd like to barter for a reduced or complimentary subscription, contact Kristen.


How do I access the program?

Access points to the respective program features may be found on the Alumni Navigation Pane.

Is customer service available 24/7?

While customer service is not available 24/7, you can expect to receive a response from Kristen in about 1-2 business days.

Can you access the LMS or Course Library through an app?

The web version of the learning management system (LMS) and the Course Library are fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets. This works just as well as a mobile app. Alternatively, you can create an "app" tile as a short-cut on your home screen to access the course. HOW TO CREATE AN "APP" ON YOUR PHONE OR TABLET: For Apple users:

  • Access this page with your default browser (e.g. Safari) and log in.
  • Press the "share icon" (which looks like a square with an upward pointing arrow).
  • Select "Add to home screen).
  • Enter a name for the shortcut and your browser will make the program accessible from your home screen.
  • When you click the app tile, you’re put right into your account.
Android users:
  • Accessing this page with your default browser (e.g. Chrome) and log in.
  • Tap the menu button and choose “Add to home screen“.
  • Enter a name for the shortcut and your browser will make the program accessible from your home screen.
  • When you click the app tile, you’re put right into your account.

Where are the Course Library materials?

Go to http://mindfulluciddreaming.com/course-library You must have a site membership account and have purchased a Basic or Premium subscription to access the Course Library. Your course library access will be activated within 1-2 business days if you are signing up after March 1.

How do I share my dream journal entry or worksheet with the Alumni Group or the instructor in the LMS?

The best way to share dream reports with the group is to access the entry from your individual "Stream" (This is different from your group stream). Hover over the post and click the "Share" button for options to share with the group. Some worksheets are automatically shared with the group, which is noted at the top of assignments. You are also welcome to post "Messages" to the group timeline to share as much or as little as you'd like from your dreams or other experiences. All worksheets are automatically shared with your instructor. For journal entries, you can select whether to share with your instructor or keep private. The following video includes instructions for sharing your individual journal entries to the Group Stream.

What are the technical requirements?

The course is accessible from standard desktop computers, smart phones and tablets. The course is optimized for non-desktop participation, but may not be fully supported on all mobile devices. Audio speakers (either internal built into your computer or device) or external (plugged into your computer or device). A strong internet connection. A microphone headset (to participate in Zoom meetings). Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers. The course is accessed through a private page at mindfulluciddreaming.com, which is supported on the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers may not be supported. A viewer for PDF documents, such as Adobe.

I have a one-on-one appointment. Where do I meet you?

By default, meetings take place using Skype or phone (USA, Mexico, and Canada residents). Make sure to provide your Skype username or phone number when you book an appointment.

Help! My subscription payment won't go through...

The main payment processor, Stripe, occasionally has difficulty processing payments from international residents. Contact Kristen if you are having trouble for an alternative payment route.

I can't create a Site Member account. What should I do?

Certain program features are accessible only by making a Site Membership account at MindfulLucidDreaming.com The most common reason why people have difficulty with this is because they have not cleared their browser cache or cookies for a long time. Instructions on how to do this in your browser can be found through a simple websearch. A less reliable alternative may be to try to sign up for an account using a different web browser. If you are still having difficulty, contact Kristen for assistance.

How do I attend the live group meetings on Zoom?

Kristen will provide you with a link to join before your appointment. You will also find it in the LMS under your Appointments, found in your main dashboard. Prior to your first Zoom meeting, review the technical requirements in the FAQ above. Use a microphone headset, and test your audio input and output on Zoom here. If your computer does not have an audio input, or you do not have internet access, learn how to join by telephone here.

Enrollment & Accounts

Where do I register?

Register for alumni program plans here.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

REFUNDS The Basic Plan, Premium Plan, and one-on-one appointments are non-refundable. CANCELLATIONS Premium Plan As a monthly subscription, the Premium Plan allows you to cancel if you no longer wish to participate. You must submit your cancellation request at least 72 hours before the 1st of the month to avoid being charged. Since the Premium Plan involves a group that you will be working closely with, it is requested that you do not enroll unless you are certain you would like to commit to the program its entireity. However, it is acceptable to cancel your subscription due to unforseen circumstances or if you no longer wish to participate. One-on-one Appointments When scheduling a one-on-one appointment, remember that this is a time that Kristen has specifically reserved for you in her schedule. You may cancel up to 24 business hours in advance of your appointment without forfeiting your fee. All bookings are non-refundable. Instructor cancellations In the unlikely event that the program is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances prior to its start date, a full refund will be provided. If it the program needs to be cancelled after starting, registrants will be provided an opportunity to request a partial refund or credit, and any future monthly automatic payments will be cancelled. If a live meeting is cancelled, alumni will be alerted as soon as possible and the meeting will be rescheduled within a reasonable time frame. If you have any concerns about your satisfaction with the alumni program, please voice those to Kristen so they can be addressed immediately.

Where do I access the Alumni Community?

If you have a Premium subscription, the LMS includes an alternative style forum called a "Group Stream" that is fully integrated into the training software. This is a shared timeline (similar to Facebook) in which you can comment directly on the the posts of others, see completed assignments and journal entries shared by group members, and post your lucid dream reports, questions, and other experiences for discussion. The group stream can be found by selecting the Alumni Group tab of your dashboard's left menu.

How do I log into the Learning Management System (LMS)?

You may access the LMS using the same log-in information that you used during the 6-week course. Go to http://mindfulluciddreaming.com/login

Help! My subscription payment won't go through...

The main payment processor occasionally has difficulty processing payments from international residents. PayPal is offered as an alternative means of subscribing to the Alumni Program HERE.

Why is my LMS account deactivated?

Alumni who are not enrolled in the Premium Plan can maintain access to the LMS by regularly scheduling one-on-one appointments. If you do not schedule for about 3 months, your account may become deactivated. This helps to keep expenses and customer costs low. To re-activate your account, contact Kristen to resume your one-on-one training appointments.


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