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Alumni Resources
Offerings for alumni of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming online course


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Continued training options from a minimal to maximal level of engagement






for students of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming program.

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Self Study Course


Subscription renewal

12-month plan

$5 / mo 

Billed once.

self-paced lectures

teaching notes

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Extend your access to the Mindful Lucid Dreaming Self-Study Course for another year.


Internet connection required.  Wait 1-2 business days for activation.




Appointments with Kristen


and up


Alumni receive discounted rates for:

Half Session (25 minutes)

Full Session (50 minutes)

4 Half Session Package (25 minutes each)

2 Full Session Package (50 minutes each)







and up  

Lucid Dreaming Integration Workshop

'Set and Setting' is only part of the formula for establishing a transformative lucid dream practice.  'Integration' of your experiences is also needed.

Alumni can join this live venture for a discounted rate.  

Read the full program description here.


Program Information

Who is the alumni program for?

This alumni program is designed to stabilize, refine, and expand your practice of lucid dreaming. You must have previously taken one of the Mindful Lucid Dreaming online courses or workshops to participate. Please note that the alumni program does not yet extend features to participants of Continuing Education Seminars or clinical trainings on Lucid Dreaming Therapy.


Are student discounts available?

Students are eligible for a 20% discount. Just send a copy of your current class schedule or ID card. Contact Kristen to arrange payment using this discount prior to registering.

Do you accept bartering?

Not usually, but it may be possible. If you have a skill that you'd like to barter for a reduced or complimentary subscription, contact Kristen.


How do I access alumni features?

Access points to your program features may be found on the here, or if you renewed your course subscription, the Self Study Course Dashboard. All program features can be found through this site's main menu under ' Portal.'

Is customer service available 24/7?

While customer service is not available 24/7, you can expect to receive a response from Kristen in about 1-2 business days.

Can you access the Self Study Course through an app?

The web versions of courses are fully optimized for mobile devices and tablets. This works just as well as a mobile app. For more convenience, you can create an "app" tile as a short-cut on your home screen to quickly access the course. HOW TO CREATE AN "APP" ON YOUR PHONE OR TABLET: For Apple users:

  • Access this page with your default browser (e.g. Safari) and log in.
  • Press the "share icon" (which looks like a square with an upward pointing arrow).
  • Select "Add to home screen).
  • Enter a name for the shortcut and your browser will make the program accessible from your home screen.
  • When you click the app tile, you’re put right into your account.
Android users:
  • Accessing this page with your default browser (e.g. Chrome) and log in.
  • Tap the menu button and choose “Add to home screen“.
  • Enter a name for the shortcut and your browser will make the program accessible from your home screen.
  • When you click the app tile, you’re put right into your account.

What are the technical requirements?

The course is accessible from standard desktop computers, smart phones and tablets. The course is optimized for non-desktop participation, but may not be fully supported on all mobile devices. Audio speakers (either internal built into your computer or device) or external (plugged into your computer or device). A strong internet connection. A microphone headset (to participate in Zoom meetings). Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers. The course is accessed through a private members only page at mindfulluciddreaming.com, which is supported on the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Other browsers may not be supported.