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Set.  Setting.  Integration.

Lucid Dreaming

Integration Workshop


Expert guidance in the pursuit and integration of lucid dreaming

Support and accountability from your own home. From all over the world.

Live meetings to best focus your willingness to lucid dream

Start Online Coursework as soon as you sign up, or wait until the live program.


Set and Setting is not the only thing you need to lucid dream.


Lucid dreaming also needs to be integrated into waking consciousness to fully receive its gifts.

Integration is at the heart of lucid dreaming. 


The mosaic of benefits promised by lucid dreaming is worth less if you don't remember, process, and integrate your experiences after they've ended.  You'll also be more likely to plateau in your practice, losing the motivation and focus to continue maturing.  While lucid dreams alone hold tremendous, transformative value, deep and lasting change doesn't necessarily occur without translating your experiences while awake.

This one-of-a-kind workshop creates a nurturing space for tending to your natural lucidity abilities.  You'll find more than just elite instruction for optimizing the set and setting for lucid dreaming.  Kristen's gentle yet incisive approach will lend you the mirror needed to see your dream realities at just the right angles—helping you overcome blindspots and increasing your capacity for harmony and connection.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned lucid dreamer, you'll see that her use of metaphor, imagery rehearsal, science, and the cheeky humor of the dreamworld will help you find your flow.


Aspects of Self-Integration we may explore:​

  • Lucid nightmares

  • Breaking free of sleep paralysis

  • Recurring dreams as favorable lucidity cues

  • Clarifying values and priorities

  • The Mirroring Mind:  Mapping Models of Self onto Other

  • Archetypal work​

  • The Mindfulness-Lucidity Interplay

  • Self-as-Context

  • Identity Development and 'Defusion'

  • Dialectical Models of Reality - Balancing tensions between:

    • Acceptance vs. Change (aka "Control")

    • Awake vs. Asleep

    • Waking vs. Dreaming

    • Doubt vs. Certainty

    • Goal-Seeking vs. Spontaneity

    • Observing vs. Interpreting

    • Self vs. Other

    • More

This program comes with the Mindful Lucid Dreaming Self-Study Course, which includes a battery of scientifically-grounded induction skills for producing high quality lucid dreams.  Complemented by skills-teaching in mindfulness meditation, the course offers a powerfully integrative approach to help you develop a clearer understanding of your mind's contents—promoting lucidity whether awake or in your dreams.​

Program Structure:

  • Six consecutive weeks of live 120-minute meetings, followed by meeting every other week.

  • Preliminary Week begins January 10, 2022.

  • Private Forum

  • Self-paced course content is available as soon as you sign up:

    • ​Six multimedia training modules

    • Guided meditations and exercises

    • Workbook

  • Meeting replays


Kristen LaMarca PhD is a psychologist, researcher, and consultant with an undeniable enthusiasm for the state of lucidity. As a co-facilitator for several of the intensive training programs of the Lucidity Institute since 2010, Kristen is well-versed in the best practices for lucid dreaming and most current research. She has conducted research on an integrated protocol of lucidity induction techniques, and the effects of cholinergic stimulation on lucid dreaming.  As an avid, personal practitioner of lucid dreaming for over 15 years, she finds her inspiration not only from her own lucid dreams but also by helping others nurture their own.  You can learn more about her professional background by visiting her biography at Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry.  


 ...profound and life changing for me.  It has taken my life to a deeper level.  Now that I have new tools, I am excited to see where I will take my lucid dreams and they take me.

— Tashina E., USA





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