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Enhance your lucidity practice with mindfulness meditation


Drawing upon modern psychological theory, scientific research, and Eastern practices, this online course presents elite instruction for lucid dreaming and applying lucidity toward valued interests.  You'll find clarity in the best induction practices and guidance that builds your confidence in the lucid dreamworld.  Complemented by skills-teaching in mindfulness meditation, the course offers a powerfully, integrative approach to help you develop a clearer understanding of your mind's contents and promote lucidity whether awake or in your dreams.​

This program covers:

  • A battery for inducing high-quality, transformative lucid dreams that are grounded in scientific theory and experimental evidence.

  • Resolving nightmares and inner conflicts.

  • Lucid dreaming as a platform for ongoing personal growth, shadow work, and self-integration.

  • Tools for improving clarity of cognitions that interfere with or promote lucidity.

  • The application of mindfulness and meditation for enhancing induction and other lucid dreaming techniques.

  • The nature of perception, reality, and the self.

  • Lucid dreaming, death, and transcendence.

  • The Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep.

  • Applying lucidity practices and principles to enhance your waking reality.

  • More

Program Structure:

  • Six multimedia training modules

  • Over 10 hours of listening content and guided exercises

  • Practical, step-by-step instruction.

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • Downloadable worksheets 

  • Forum access to Kristen for questions and guidance

  • Peer-level support 


Kristen LaMarca PhD is a psychologist, researcher, and consultant with an undeniable enthusiasm for the state of lucidity. As a co-facilitator for several of the intensive training programs of the Lucidity Institute since 2010, Kristen is well-versed in the best practices for lucid dreaming and most current research. She has conducted research on an integrated protocol of lucidity induction techniques, and the effects of cholinergic stimulation on lucid dreaming.  As an avid, personal practitioner of lucid dreaming for over 15 years, she finds her inspiration not only from her own lucid dreams but also by helping others nurture their own.  You can learn more about her professional background by visiting her biography at Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry.  


 ...profound and life changing for me.  It has taken my life to a deeper level.  Now that I have new tools, I am excited to see where I will take my lucid dreams and they take me.

— Tashina E., USA


Course Information

How is the course presented?

Learning pathways include:

  • Audio, video, and written lesson material.
  • Assignments and downloadable worksheets.
  • Guided meditations and audio exercises.
  • Community discussion via a Forum, or private Facebook group, where you can share your dreams, completed assignments, reflections, and questions.

Who is this course for?

Individuals with an interest in lucid dreaming, meditation, and consciousness exploration are the best match for this course. Suitable for all levels, the program is tailored to enhance your practice no matter your degree of experience with lucid dreaming or recalling dreams. You must be at least 18 years old to participate and be fluent in English.

What are the course learning objectives?

MAIN OBJECTIVES: 1. Apply research-supported induction strategies to increase the frequency, length, and quality of your lucid dreams. 2. Explore strategies for applying the state of lucidity toward personally meaningful goals and interests. 3. Use lucid dreaming to increase self-knowledge and enhance your waking life. COURSE SYNOPSIS