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The Mindful Lucid Dreaming Online Workshop is a jewel, an authentic wonder. It contains excellent quality materials, and Kristen LaMarca's work is of excellence and extensive knowledge, with subtle and supportive comments that help anyone to flow in the world of lucid dreams. I think that all seekers interested in lucid dreams should live this magnificent experience.


"A very complete, high quality course in every respect. Kristen was present every step of the way giving us valuable feedback. My lucid dreaming reached a new level and I was able to explore fascinating, unknown territories."


Mindful Lucid Dreaming is a program that changes lives.  My dream recall and my dreaming self's awareness have increased since beginning this course.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in integrating conscious and unconscious levels of awareness in the waking and dreaming states.  The feedback level that each participant receives is outstanding along with the formidable insight of the instructor.  Having access to all the comments of the group was extremely helpful in terms of shared experience and peer support.  The balance between being well-organized and spontaneous was superb -- the program was not only informative, but also fun.  I am very satisfied with what I have received in terms of increased understanding, an ability to influence dream events, and to manipulate within the dream environment. 


This course has given me added incentives and a strong determination to progress with lucid dreamwork.  It has been carefully constructed with many excellent lectures, guided meditations and clear explanations of a variety of techniques to increase lucidity.  It has also introduced me to a number of great people with similar interests and a variety of interesting and helpful comments on the dreamworld.  It is intensive, effective and well worth the money.  Kristen LaMarca is an encouraging, challenging course leader and works extremely hard to make sure all participants are included and given the best of advice and feedback.  I can thoroughly recommend this course to all who are interested in lucid dreaming.


Absolutely loved this program, with it's blend of lectures supported by current scientific research , practical advice on induction techniques and dreams, and opportunity to connect with other fellow lucid dreamers.  Would highly recommend... I wish Kristen all the best with this work and future research in this field.

SARAH P., VIC, Australia

If you want to learn about and prepare yourself for lucid dreaming take this course. You will learn what works, what doesn't work and step by step guidance on how to proceed. Having an online community was fantastic. It was useful to hear of other's experience and receive encouragement. The instructor Kristen is fantastic! She is passionate, knowledgable, organized and really intuitive about what will help individual students. I recommend the course whole heartedly.

T.M., Florida, USA

What a rich and comprehensive journey into the lucid dreaming world! I took the class hoping to learn how to better navigate anxieties and nightmares.  Indeed I learned how to feel safe and more empowered moving into the shadow zone--and even learned that we can stuff positive things in there, too. I'm still absorbing the fantastic, multilayered offerings from this course, and the glimpses at transcendence and self-integration. I appreciate the many tools and practices to become more present and awake, and capable, in both worlds.


I highly recommend this program for anyone with an interest in lucid dreaming, whether experienced or completely new to the world of nocturnal awareness. With easy to understand and put into practice inductions techniques, the chance to connect with a other dreamers, as well as personal, insightful feedback from Kristen, this course is a wonderful opportunity to expand one's horizons.


It might be hard to imagine how an online workshop can produce an amazing experience, but I can confidently say that working directly with Kristen and other students in this way absolutely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this workshop to experienced lucid dreamers and those new to these practices alike. The course materials, guided meditations, and accompanying group streams are truly not to be missed for anyone with an interest in their dreams.


I've been studying mindfulness, sleep, and lucid dreaming for years and this course is by far the best I've ever come across!  I have significantly improved my lucid dreaming abilities from taking this course.  Dr. LaMarca guides us through various meditations and educates us on a wide range of mindfulness and lucid dream related subject matter.  We learned many techniques for improving dream recall, getting lucid during dreams, and we were all able to discuss our dreams with each other throughout the course.  Best of all, Kristen gave us feedback and guidance in real time and that was really encouraging and helpful!  


I learned a lot and I had a lot of really amazing dreams, including lucid dreams.  This class was inspiring, educational, and honestly very fun.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn lucid dreaming and to just better understand the nature of their mind.  This is the place to dive in and fully immerse yourself in a mindful practice.  And you'll be in good company!  The sense of community this class has started is unprecedented. I look forward to staying connected with everyone in the class and seeing where this goes!


The Mindful Lucid Dreaming course has been very profound and life changing for me.  I feel it has taken my life to a deeper level and my awareness in my waking and dreaming lives continues to grow.  Now that I have new tools, I am excited to see where I will take my lucid dreams and they take me.


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