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Just because something is taught a certain way doesn't mean it's the best or most effective way to learn.  Evidence-based approaches filter out unreliable and outdated practices in favor of those that are grounded in science, theory, and practical knowledge.  

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Treatment for sleep and stress-related disorders

Lucid Dreaming Therapy



Mindfulness Therapies

Sleep Medicine and Mental Health Counseling



Kristen LaMarca PhD

Dr. LaMarca is a clinical psychologist, author, and researcher with expertise in mindfulness, brain-computer-interfaces, and the creative, therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming.  She offers a variety of opportunities to receive training, consultation, or coaching in lucid dreaming for individuals and professionals.  Additional background on her professional training, research, and collaborations can be found here.


Lucid dreaming—explicitly knowing you are dreaming while dreaming—is an aid to discovering who you truly are. This level of consciousness is of such a higher order that you can take a step back in a dream to say aloud, "I am dreaming.  This is a dream right now!" The potential degree of freedom, creativity, exhilaration, and sense of safety is quite extraordinary in the lucid state. Lucid dreaming has a wide range of applications, many of which can serve health and wholeness while piquing your drive for consciousness exploration.

Upcoming Events

  • Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Online Course
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Immerse yourself in science-backed techniques for lucid dreaming and enhancing waking consciousness.
  • Lucid Dreaming Therapy: Intro to Skills Training
    Ongoing Online Seminar
    On-Demand Video and Forum
    A unique opportunity to learn about lucid dreaming science and clinical applications. APA-approved CE are available.
  • Lucid Dream Therapy: Case Conceptualization, Treatment Planning & Intervention
    Jun 16, 2020, 9:15 AM – 11:15 AM MST
    DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Paradi, 5401 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA
    This workshop at the annual International Association for the Study of Dreams conference focuses on the planning, justification, and implementation of LDT interventions using theoretically-informed case-formulations.


"The less we identify with who we think we are, the more likely we are to discover who we really are."

Stephen LaBerge


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