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MILD: An integrated, 24-hour practice protocol for lucid dreaming

Lucid dream techniques tend not to be described cohesively whether online or in books or science journals. Rather, they tend to come across as disparate and disorganized. Sometimes, the "same" technique is called multiple different names or diverges in its definition or steps. After Dr LaBerge devised acronyms for the two main types of lucidity onset (DILD, WILD) and the MILD induction method, it seemed as if others made up an infinite number of "-ILD" acronyms to describe supposedly "new" methodsit's not yet clear if these are helpful variations, re-inventing the wheel, or just muddying the well of information about how to lucid dream.

In this clip from one of my live workshops, I describe a more cohesive view of lucidity induction involving "set and setting": 1) Your mental "set" for remembering to remember you're dreaming, and 2) your level of physiological "brain" activation. I emphasize how MILD serves as an umbrella that encompasses all the seemingly separate induction variations to best amplify your memory capacities for lucidity. I also touch on an integrated sequence of skills for applying MILD at optimal times over a 24 hour practice cycle.

Watch NOW for more clarity and perspective on. your practice.

For more on MILD, check out this introduction in one of my most popular blog posts.



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  • Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Self-Study Online Course
    Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Self-Study Online Course
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Immerse yourself in science-backed techniques for lucid dreaming and enhancing waking consciousness.
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