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Lucid Dreaming Therapy: Pathways to Safety, Connection, and Creativity

Lucidity, or knowing you're dreaming, is a tool for recalibrating automatic responses to nightmares, trauma, and challenging emotions. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Kristen LaMarca, discusses how lucid dream therapy goes beyond traditional dreamwork by amplifying the most critical ingredients for therapeutic growth...your sense of safety, psychological flexibility, and capacity for self-connection.

In this interview, you’ll:

  • Learn how the evolutionary bias of your nervous system constricts nightmare responses to fight, flight, or freeze

  • Discover that lucidity in nightmares can bring balance to your nervous system

  • Learn the easy-to-apply methods for inducing lucid dreaming and rehearsing effective responses

Kristen LaMarca PhD is a clinical psychologist who is board-certified in behavioral sleep medicine. She has conducted research on cholinergic stimulation of lucidity and an integrated protocol for maximizing lucid dream induction. She co-facilitates intensive retreats of Stephen LaBerge’s Lucidity Institute and is the author of Learn to Lucid Dream: Powerful Techniques for Awakening Creativity and Consciousness.

Watch now:

This session was a part of the annual Dreamwork Summit by the Shift Network (2022). All rights reserved. Learn more at


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    Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Self-Study Online Course
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    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
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