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Lucid Dream Nightmare Therapy, Sleep State Misperception, Imagery Rehearsal Therapy, and More!

I was honored to be a guest on the Night Club podcast, which is led by a Western teacher of Tibetan Buddhist dream yoga, Andrew Holecek.

We chatted about my research with Lucidity Institute, clinical work with lucid dreaming therapy, and more.

"Join Andrew as he talks to the psychologist and lucid dream therapist Kristen LaMarca as they explore a host of fascinating topics that include lucid dream nightmare therapy, sleep state misperception, imagery rehearsal therapy, PTSD, alternative world syndrome, the importance of proper “holding environments,” and the type of person who is amenable to these unique forms of dream therapy.

What is lucid dream therapy and how does it work? Are there any contraindications? What are its applications and limitations?

Dr. LaMarca shares stories from her extensive experience as an elite lucid dreamer, as well as case histories from her clients. She talks about her recent scientific publications, and her long-time research with the Lucidity Institute, under the guidance of Dr. Stephen LaBerge. MILD, WILD, and DILD induction methods are discussed, along with Kristen’s go-to techniques, how to handle discouragement, and how to work with insomnia.

You will quickly see why she is one of the exciting new voices in the therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming, and a premiere guide for showing people how to have lucid dreams."


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  • Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Self-Study Online Course
    Mindful Lucid Dreaming, Self-Study Online Course
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Dates: Ongoing
    Online Training Platform
    Immerse yourself in science-backed techniques for lucid dreaming and enhancing waking consciousness.
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