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Galantamine: The Memory-Enhancing Pill That Helps You Lucid Dream

​Our research at Lucidity Institute shows that galantamine increases lucid dreaming when combined with an integrated induction protocol that includes MILD training and sleep interruption.

Access the full paper here. Below, you'll find frequently asked questions about galantamine's safety and side effects, how to take galantamine to lucid dream, where to buy galantamine, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is galantamine safe?

Galantamine is generally safe but may not be recommended in certain populations, such as those with cardiac or pulmonary conditions (e.g. asthma), or who are taking certain medications--such as for blood pressure. Side effects mostly include mild, temporary nausea or insomnia. You can read the more information on the drug, risks, and contraindications here. Never start any dietary supplements without consulting with your medical doctor first.

Where can I buy galantamine?

Over-the-counter supplements are not regulated by the FDA so you will want to research the quality of sources.

Life Enhancement's "Galantamind" was used in our study because it was thought to be a reputable, over-the-counter source. Purchasing through the shop will provide a small commission to the Lucidity Institute to support ongoing research on lucid dreaming. You may also consider purchasing direct from the manufacturer. If you are purchasing from outside the United States, check with customs to determine if you will be able to receive your shipment. Those new trying galantamine may benefit from starting with the 4 mg rather than 8 mg dose.

Relentless Improvement is an alternative galantamine brand that is lower cost and comes in 4 mg capsules. It has also been used in Lucidity Institute programs.

You may also consider asking your primary doctor for a prescription. It can help to show your doctor the ​research on galantamine and share that lucid dreaming has creative and therapeutic, off-label benefits to enhance well-being and healing. Keep in mind that a prescription for galantamine will become part of your health records, and if you use insurance, your insurance records. It may be better to pay out-of-pocket for a prescription of galantamine than use your health insurance.

Are there side effects?

You may experience side effects on galantamine. Temporary insomnia or gastrointestinal disturbance are the most common. Higher doses tend to be associated with more side effects. It may help to take galantamine with a light snack.

How do I take galantamine to lucid dream?

Galantamine must be combined with training in the mental set for for remembering you are dreaming when dreaming. The following information is for educational purposes and is not a recommendation to take galantamine.

1. Wake up after about 3 REM periods.

You can set an alarm, or set your mind to wake up after your third dream of the night.

2. Take either 4 or 8 mg of galantamine.

The 8 mg dose is generally better than 4 mg for inducing lucid dreaming. However, if this is your first time taking galantamine, or you are known to be sensitive to medications, you might first like to try the lower dose of 4 mg instead, and if tolerated well, you can try 8 mg afterward.

3. Stay awake for 30 minutes.

Get out of bed and conduct a quiet, wakeful activity. Choose an activity that is not too stimulating (e.g. physical exercise), but not too under-stimulating (e.g. relaxation techniques). The point is to increase activation of the brain enough to get lucid, but not so much that you cannot fall back asleep. Try an activity that focuses the mind on lucid dreaming, such as reading about lucid dreaming, during the sleep interruption period.

4. Return to bed to practice MILD, and fall back asleep.

Use the most recent dream you remember to practice MILD. It could be the dream you recalled when you woke up from sleep interruption, or if you did not remember a dream, choose a recent dream that you do recall to practice MILD with. You may also attempt to induce a Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD)--meaning you maintain full awareness of your state as you fall asleep and begin to dream.

Once you feel your intention is set, allow yourself to fall back asleep. Look forward to your next REM period(s) when you will attempt to remember you are dreaming. Try to make this intent to recognize you are dreaming the last thing on your mind before you fall back asleep.

Do I have to take galantamine to lucid dream?

No. Lucid dreaming does not require the use of substances. It is possible to increase how often you have lucid dreams just by training in the proper mindset for realizing you are dreaming.





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