Problem Solving in Lucid Dreams

From solving problems like biting your nails to solving the hard problem of consciousness, some believe that lucid dreaming can light the way...

The aha! moment of becoming lucid in a dream has much to teach us about problem solving. Suddenly, you are aware of something that you weren’t aware of before. You can use this awareness to help yourself in a given way that’s important to you, or work on resolving one of life’s problems or your own internal conflicts.

It will be so interesting to one day see what is the neurophysiological make-up of insight by studying the brains of lucid dreamers in their moments of eureka. Science and psychology can harness this sort of research to increase understanding of human learning, and moving us more toward solving the hard problem of consciousness. After all, signal-verified lucid dreaming studies appear to be a methodology that can help us better parse out the top down from bottom up networks of consciousness. Of equal or even greater interest is how lucid dreaming may serve as a conduit in consciousness studies by improving accessibility and understanding of the sleep and dream yogic states–advancing us on our path toward becoming a more compassionate and enlightened society.

Once again, the possibilities for using lucid dreaming to benefit our waking worlds seem to be as endless as the range of possible experiences available while lucid dreaming.

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